DIY Tip #1

Never use PVC pipe cement in the basement of a house next to the HVAC system and forget to turn the blower fan off. Significant others will get a bad headache and be angry…..


Turnigy Mobius Gimble

Mobius Gimble

A couple weeks ago I picked up the Turnigy Mobius gimble from Hobby King. I was excited to have a gimble that was supposedly made just for the Mobius Action Cam. My excitement was replaced with frustration shortly after receiving it. It was fairly easy to assemble however I found quickly that it was not […]


3DR Leaves Customers Flying Solo

Bad Customer Service

This year after building some smaller quadcopters, I decided to build a larger hexacopter. After researching and looking at different flight controllers, I chose the 3DR Pixhawk for its features. I decided to purchase it directly from 3DR and not buy a clone version because I had read some stories about quality issues with clones. […]


Website Ad Blockers

AdBlock Plus

Many website developers and maintainers do not support Ad Blockers. They feel it cuts into their business (and it might). As a publisher myself, I DO support Ad Blockers. The Ads that I have on my site are not designed to support me. They are here to cover the hosting and domain cost of the […]


The Google Breakup

Google Products

This is the story of my first attempt to cut ties with Google products and services. I am sure many of you are in the same situation and may not even know it, so I thought I would share my experience with you. Before you read this, I must warn you: You may be more […]


Quadcopter from Toy to Hobby

My Quadcopter

Quadcopters are everywhere these days. You can get one from just about any retail store that sell toys. With so many out there how does one know which of these are good to buy? The answer to this depends on what your intent is. If you are just looking to try one for the first time and […]


Dropping T-Mobile


  This month I had to make a decision. I had to choose whether or not to stick with T-Mobile (the “Un-Carrier”) or change over to another service provider. I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 9 years. For most of those nine years I did not have too many complaints. Their service was never […]


Trine Enchanted Edition Linux

Trine Enchanted Edition

One of the most beautiful and well developed platformer games in years past is now available on Linux via Steam. Trine has been around for some time, and was somewhat playable in Linux before this release, but only if you bought and downloaded the humble bundle version. Even then it was not on par with […]


Samsung’s Android Phone Sales Tumble


Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile smart phones. It captured the market worldwide and rose rapidly in very little time. But nowadays, Samsung is dampening down the expectations of its customers. Sales of its phones are continuously plummeting while other manufactures from China produce phones that are gaining the attention of the […]


Automatic IP Updater with Ubuntu

IP address

Recently I worked on a project that required that I set up temporary access to my home network from outside the network. Knowing that I have a dynamic IP address that constantly changes, I had to set up a way to always have the latest IP address. DynDNS used to be my primary choice for […]